Mise en Place

Who I Am

I’ll start off with letting you know my name. I’m Alpharius, and I’m quite a huge nerd. I wasn’t always this way, as coming up through the social ladder that were my teens and twenties turned out to be quite a political science. I hated it. Being a closet nerd sucks. There’s no gaming groups, no platform to launch ideas off of, no enthusiasm for the Stuff I Love…

2010. Being a nerd started to trend. I found jobs out of town. I started hanging out in strange musty basements at tabletops with strange musty people who have been and still are unaware of the everyday social conventions that I was used to. It was weird. I was intrigued. I was hooked…

I was also disappointed. These circles had no drive, no leadership, no charisma. No character. It wasn’t long before I found myself DMing for D&D games every weekend. Giving tips on how to paint a miniature, or how to deploy an army efficiently, or how to read a rule book… I was the noob – the new guy – what the hell was going on?

It dawned on me recently that if I want to make up for the wasted years and the depressing career that a misspent youth led to, I had to take matters into my own hands. I want to make a living out of this. I want to put the chef knives down for good some day soon. I want to slay chained spirits, murder Tau scum, and read until I’m blind. I want to find out what the fuck happened to the Marvel Universe in the last 20 years. I want to finally unwrap all the video games I’ve bought and dissect the shit out of them…

Most importantly, I want a great community to do it with. That brings us right here. The beginning. Welcome to GARAGE ORIGINS.

Tabletop Roleplaying

I’ve been DMing for five years now. I’ve been reading published material since Advanced D&D. I’ve stuck with both Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder so far. Currently I am running my group through the last legs of Curse of the Crimson Throne using the 5e ruleset. What’s left of them, anyway – there is much blood on my hands. I’m ramping up to start planning for my next campaign, and it’s a toss up as to what I’ll pick for them. I’ll keep you updated.


I have a problem. It is Warhammer 40cracK. It’s pretty bad, because this is an extremely expensive hobby, but it’s also tremendously rewarding when you win your battles. I’m relatively new to this, but I’m a quick hand when it comes to tactics and being an elitist blue-blooded jerk who laughs inwardly at the inferior mind across the board from me. That being said, I’m building an Ultramarine army currently. I figured learning the rules would be easiest by playing as the space marines. It’s been working out well so far; I’ve been playing for half of a year, and it took the combined might of a couple of ex-GW employees rocking an Imperial Knight/Deathwatch army to put an end to my recent 5-0 hot streak.


I’m pretty strictly a Marvel man. I’ve had this fascination over the last couple of years with reading the early history of the MU by actually following the reading order. Starting with the first Fantastic Four issue from way back in 1961, I’ve now crawled my way slowly through the years to about halfway through 1966. I consider myself a Stan Lee and Jack Kirby scholar at this point. I just finished reading my 550th comic in the order a couple days past. They’re terrible comics for the most part, as they’re ridiculously dated, but it’s fun to see the first incarnations of the comic stars we all know and love popping up 55 years ago.

Video Gaming

This is something I’ve been doing openly since I could grasp a joystick with my wee little baby fingers. I’ve been through it all starting with my pops’ Atari way back in 1990 when I was a couple years old. I’ve got pics. Recently I’ve been kicking back with some indies that have grown quite big. Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Rogue Legacy and Don’t Starve are probably some of my all-time favourites in the genre. I play everything though, with the exception of most sports titles. Be A Pro mode can only be a couple years worth of interesting. The exception is racing games. Love em.


I’ve been reading since the Berenstain Bears. I’ve come to love a select few genres, of which include: historical fiction, science fiction, high/dark fantasy, and political/crime/detective novels. Right now I’m dug deep into the Horus Heresy line of 40K titles. Dan Abnett, Dan Simmons, and Tom Clancy – in alphabetical order – would be my three go to guys if I was at a book store with money. Patrick Rothfuss is the most talented writer I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a fan of though.


This is the type of stuff you’ll see me talking about here on this blog. Enjoy, and welcome to the starting point.


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