Don’t Starve RoG: Wilson. Days Five to Ten.


Last week we left off sitting pretty with a Fire Pit put down and a place to call camp.

I managed to get my hands on enough material to build a Science Machine; this was a bonus.

I have failed to discover the Beefalo herd. This has to get done.

The Plan

We’ve got some Pinecones clunking up our inventory, so we’ll quickly get rid of them by created an Evergreen tree farm. We’ll soon have a nice efficient spot to gather Logs, Pinecones and/or Charcoal. Every time you chop down a Large Evergreen here at this farm, I would recommend you plant the two Pinecones in the ground to grow your farm and be carbon neutral, because that is essential to our survival as gamers. Note: the Evergreens will only drop two pinecones if you chop down the largest size of tree available to you. Anything smaller will only give you one Pinecone, and less Logs too.

Also essential is a complete breakfast. I’m going to hop on over to my frog pond to see if I had any luck while I was away before heading to camp to build some stuff!

Now, because the resources are available, we are going to increase Wilson’s quality of life dramatically; we build a Science Machine at camp. We can come here to invent new things and it will increase our sanity every time we do. This machine is heavily milkable for that reason alone, especially in the early days, and I intend to do just that.

A number of things are particularly useful at this point:

¤ Boards: You’re going to need lots of Logs if you want to set yourself up with two stacks (40) of these bad boys. It’ll pay off later, and we’ve started a tree farm, so I’ll make this an ongoing mission for the next few weeks. For now, three Boards will get us our needed Chest.

¤ Rope: You should have plenty of Cut Grass to build yourself some Rope with. I’d start stockpiling now while the nights are short, so build yourself ten or so of these for surplus to hold in a Chest.

¤ Chest: This is going to give me a stationary storage container with nine slots of storage. I like to build this Chest near my Science Machine, as I’m going to be dumping random mats in it for the time being.

¤ Spear: Now that I’ve made some rope, I can finally make a Spear. This replaces my Axe as my current melee weapon, and provides a nice damage boost with which to employ against the goons we’ll be facing in the approaching days.

¤ Torches: If you have the mats, it’s never a bad idea to drop a couple of Torches a screen or so’s distance away from camp in any direction you may be approaching from in the future. They’ll become invaluable for defence and emergency purposes in the future if we survive that long.

° Backpack: You have the mats, and this dramatically increases you carrying capacity. It is extremely useful, but for the time being I want to be reminded that I only want to stock up on basic items for now, and with the Hounds coming to get me in the immediate future, I may want some protection on my body slot instead of a backpack.

° Grass Suit: Again, the mats are abundant right now and this will give me a nice buffer against any attacks that happen to slip through my guard in the next five days.

With everything I don’t need stashed away safe in my chest, I’ll head off to grab as much of that gold that was lying around in the Rockland biome as possible, and I’ll do a quick exploration of its size. I hope to find a path to follow.

There are four biomes I am looking for in particular:

○ Savannah: This is where he Beefalo roam. They are important in many ways, and I’ll be super relieved when I find them.

○ Deciduous Forest: Great for Berry and Green Cap gathering, the trees here will drop Birchnuts that can be eaten. If you’re low on both Logs and food, this is a great place to gather. Just watch out with how many Birchnut trees you slaughter, because the local flora don’t take kindly to the death of their buddies sometimes… Most importantly, we want to find a Glommer Statue here before the full moon hits us.

○ Forest: These deep forests are often the home of Spiders. We will want the materials that they provide pretty soon, and it’s a bonus if we can figure out where we have to go to get to them.

○ Marsh: This dangerous biome provides a wealth of easily scavenged mats due to the warring Spiders and Tentacles and Merms and Misquitoes. Also useful are the Reeds. These give Papyrus, which turns out to be very handy throughout the ongoing days. There is usually a nice green patch somewhere in the depths of a swamp that can provide us with a great camping location, but we’re mainly here to search out some of those posts stuck in the ground with pig heads thrust onto them. If we know where these are before the full moon, it’ll be a bonus.

The game plan for the next four days is going to be searching out these little gems and the lay of the land in relation to my camp. If I have lots of Rocks on hand, I may throw down a couple Fire Pits in places that have nice potential for future camps. If I fill up my inventory after the Hounds have attacked, I’ll head back to my Spawn Point camp, unload, and build myself a Backpack before heading out in a different direction in search of what I need to find. Wormholes are definitely an option.

To the Morning of Day Ten

Alright, so first thing I took care of was the beginnings of an Evergreen farm. I planted roughly half a stack of Pinecones bunched up close together at an empty edge of land. It’s nicely close to camp, and I can utilize this farm for a number of reasons, as we’ll get to later. Most immediately, I’ve relieved myself of a crucial inventory space.

Back at camp, I crafted myself a Grass Suit of Cut Grass and Twigs. I created a Science Machine.

With this latest invention, I can now prototype many more useful tools, items, and structures for myself. For the time being, I turned Logs into Boards as well as converted Cut Grass into Rope. Both of these refined items eat up your supplies, and whenever setting up a new camp, it’s nice to have a bunch of these materials in your inventory, as you’ll want Chests and a couple of drying racks… but the latter is for later. The Boards are going to be used immediately in the creation of a Chest to upgrade my campsite. I now have a stationary storage bin that can hold nine stacks of items. I’ll start stacking up some basic supplies and stuffing them in this chest for later refinery.

Before heading out once more to restock on cut grass, twigs and logs, there were some important tools that I was now able to prototype that would help me immensely. With twigs, flint, and that Rope that I created earlier, I’m able to build myself a Spear. This does significantly more damage than an axe, and I’m glad to have it. Prototyping a Shovel at the Science Machine was another great addition to my arsenal; I can now Dig things with it. For now, all I’ll be digging up will be tree stumps. These will provide me with an extra log every time I chop down a tree. Efficiency is the name of the game.

Day Six had me gathering an amazing surplus of Gold from the Rockyland biome that I had spotted last run. I had to avoid the local Tallbirds, but as I was running away, I found myself in a Graveyard mini-biome. This biome is full of gravestones and graves that I can Dig up with my new Shovel, but I’m going to hold off on this for the time being; it drains Sanity to dig up graves, there’s a chance of a soul-thirsty ghost appearing, and a lot of the items that I can get from the graves are not necessary at the time and will just clunk up my inventory. That being said, it’s a great bonus to know where the Graveyard is. Night of Day Six had me exploring the extent of the Mosaic biome that I was in with a Torch. I had made it out with 26 gold nuggets. Over the moon about that; but inventory space and food are becoming an issue.

On day seven, it started to rain. I had camped in a newly discovered Deciduous Forest biome a couple nights previously, and had also found a road running through it. Naturally, I followed it, and was rewarded with the discovery of a huge pig village surrounding the Pig King. This guy is cool, and will prove to be an excellent source of Gold Nuggets later on, when mining is impractical. The pig village is an alternate source of Manure, since I have yet to discover the Beefalo herd. By giving the pigs food, they will transform it quite quickly into the nutrient-rich Manure that the Beefalo also provide. I’m passing up on this for now, because Inventory Space. Of note, the Birchnut trees here can drop… Birchnuts. These birchnuts – much like pinecones – can be used to plant Birchnut trees; instead of the ability to fuel fires with them however, they can be cooked and the Roasted Birchnuts can then be used as a food source. As the rain continued into dusk, my Straw Hat sufficed to keep me dry.

On the edge of the Deciduous biome, I found a Marsh. A long road led me to a tiny Forest biome island inside the marshy sea, and in this small biome was a Plugged Sinkhole. This little ‘Forest-inside-the-Marsh’ zone here is a running theme among many worlds I’ve played in previously, and this tends to be one of my favourite Plugged Sinkholes, too. For this reason, I placed a Fire Pit here, in this evidently dangerous and hostile territory. I should note here that this may not be the greatest idea, as this forest is tiny, and there is death everywhere. I hear it all night long and am forced to imagine the carnage unfolding in the shadows just beyond the reach of my fire’s light. My scientist’s imagination is beginning to play with me, as I’m starting to see things in my peripherals that aren’t actually there. Oh my, are those eyes?.. I also found some of those Pig Heads I was looking for. This camp in reality is more or less safe, so long as I keep the Plugged Sinkhole plugged and don’t use my Pickaxe to Mine it. I’ll save that for later, so that I can keep my wary eye towards the uncomfortably close proximity of Misquitoes, Spiders, Merms, and Tentacles while I develop this land. The nice thing about this camp is the ability to exploit the constant war for territory that the Marsh denizens fight, so long as you keep your wits about. When the Merms die, they turn into Fish and Frog Legs that provide food. The Misquitoes leave their Blood Sacs behind, which you can use to Heal yourself. The Spiders leave Spider Glands, Monster Meat, and Silk; all of great import. Finally, the feared Tentacles drop Tentacle Spikes, Monster Meat, and Tentacle Spots. Again, these are great treasures. Along with the Reeds that provide us with another important material, this camp is well worth the danger that comes along with it. I built a Chest here, and stored some supplies before heading out once again, my quests unfinished.

Day eight saw me with plenty of food, but there were still two items on my List of Things I Want to Find Soon. My travelings soon took me southeast back into the Deciduous biome, and I very quickly discovered the Glommer Statue — one of these aforementioned items, not too far from the Pig King. This is another nice place for a camp, and so I set down another Fire Pit and Chest. My Straw Hat finally fell to pieces as the dawn of the ninth day approached.

With one more day to go for the session, I felt the need to make a last ditch attempt to find the elusive Beefalo. My map had shown me the edges of a small, unexplored Savannah biome about a day’s walk away. With this last day before the Full Moon remaining, I made for the small chance of hope that was the unexplored Savannah. Along the way, I felt it was prudent to equip myself with some new headgear, and so I started to gather 12 Flowers. Flowers are another item that can be used for a number or things, but right now I’m looking to build myself a Garland to help with my Sanity. The sound of the Hounds came about halfway through this day, and I handily defeated my first two adversaries with the help of my Grass Suit and Spear. Hounds like these ones can drop Monster Meat and Hound’s Tooths, both are of import in the future, but not essential now.

With dusk settling in, I approached the Savannah. Luck was with me, as the Beefalo revealed their presence by the welcome sight of steaming Manure. I spent some time exploring the extent of the Savannah, and soon found that there were multiple herds of multiple Beefalo. I got very lucky here. Marking the location of a couple of these herds on my map by placing traps down near them (Traps will show up on the map), the Full Moon set in, and it became a race back towards one of my two important Full Moon camps. At my Marsh camp, there are Pig Heads close by. I can hammer these down by building a Hammer to retrieve some awesome materials. By deconstructing these Pig Heads during a full moon, they yield Nightmare Fuel in addition to the twigs and Pig Skin that they yield no matter when you decontsruct them. That being said, I’m quite low on Rocks, and so cannot build myself a Hammer. This by default makes Glommer Camp my destination. Trying my luck with a Worm Hole in the Savannah, I came out ina new found Desert biome just south of the Marsh Camp.

As dawn breaks on day ten, I stand at Marsh Camp above a cold Fire Pit, hungry but ultimately victorious. I just missed my chance at deconstructing those Pig Heads, and have a grim look upon my face. My stoic pose is accented by my freshly blooded spear and my damaged Grass Suit, but slightly detracted from by the Garland of flowers I wear on my head. I sport more than stubble on my chin now; I have a developing neckbeard. I still have plenty of frog legs and fish from my scavenging of the many Marshland battlefields that surround my camp.

A successful five days have passed, and I am in a good spot for the coming preparation weeks.

Next session, we’ll check out farming and winter prep!


See y’all next Tuesday, folks!



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