GarageOrigins Warhammer 40K Season 1: Eternal War

My small local gaming group is starting up a Warhammer 40K League. Season 1 began just before the Christmas holidays.

This season is 30 games long and is split into thirds of 10 games each: The Preliminaries, where each team is given a grace period to get a taste of their competition while the stakes are low; The Mid-Season, where the stakes are higher and at the end of which each General’s Tournament Points get tallied up and used to determine the Game Order of the next 10 games; and finally The Playoffs, where each General gets down and dirty during the final battles for the 40Kup and Phat Lootz, which can only be won after climbing over the dead bodies of his opponents and the armies they control.

As a disclaimer, I want to point out that this page will be frequently updated as Season 1 progresses. I’ll do my best to include Battle Reports for as many games as possible, but I obviously can’t attend every single one. Regardless, I’ll be posting exhaustive Force Lists for all of us nerds to pore over and discuss in the comments, so stay tuned!

Preliminaries: Crusade

The battlefield is strewn with discarded equipment, supplies and other detritus of war that, for various reasons, you wish to recover. You must fight off the enemy while scouring the field to retrieve as many of these vital objectives as you can.

Dawn of War deployment pattern. Long table edges.

Place D3+2 Objective Markers on the battlefield. D6 Roll-Off to determine who places first Objective Marker.

  • No Objective Marker can be placed within 6″ of any battlefield edge or within 12″ of another Objective Marker.
  • No Objective Marker can be placed on Impassable Terrain.
  • No Objective Marker can be placed inside a building, though it can be placed upon it.

D6 Roll-Off determines who has choice of the table halves on which to deploy.

D6 Roll-Off determines who will deploy first and who will deploy second. The player that deployed first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can attempt to Seize the Initiative.

At the end of Game Turn 5, one player must roll a D6. On a 3+, the game continues. If another Game Turn is played another D6 must be rolled at the end of that turn. On a 4+, the game continues. The game automatically ends at the end of Game Turn 7.

Victory Conditions:

  • Player with most Victory Points at the end of the game scores 1 Tournament Point. Game is a Draw if both players have the same amount of VP, and both players score .5 Tournament Point.
  • At the end of the game, each Objective Marker is worth 3 Victory Points to the player that controls it.
  • Slay the Warlord: If the enemy army has a Warlord, and at the end of the game the Warlord has been removed as a casualty, you score 1 Victory Point.
  • First Blood: The first unit, of any kind, to be completely destroyed during the game is worth 1 Victory Point to the opposing player at the end of the game.
  • Linebreaker: If, at the end of the game, you have at least one model from one or more scoring units completely within 12″ of the enemy’s table edge, you score 1 Victory Point.

Mission Special Rules:

  • Night Fighting: Either player can declare that they wish to fight the battle at night. If either player does so, roll a D6 before deployment. On a roll of 4+, the Night Fighting special rule is in effect during Game Turn 1. While the Night Fighting mission special rule is in effect, all units have the Stealth special rule.
  • Reserves: As normal. Page 135 BRB.
  • Mysterious Objectives: As normal. Page 135 BRB.
  • Point Limit: 1500

Faction Picks, Players and Leaderboard:

Each player MUST pick a core army/Faction. This Faction must have its own codex, and/or content from supplements such as Forge World datasheets, codex supplements, or White Dwarf datasheets, etc. This faction must represent at least 50% of the points that make up their army in any given game.

Ex: Pete has chosen to pick Space Marines as his Core Faction. If Pete wants to bring Skitarii in as an Allied Detachment in an 1850 point game, he can take no more than 925 points of Skitarii, and he MUST have 925 points of Space Mehreens in his Army List.


  • Craig: Astra Militarum
  • Erik: Eldar Craftworlds
  • Jared: Space Wolves
  • Mike: Tau
  • Pete: Space Marines (Ultramarines)
  • Scott: Chaos Space Marines (World Eaters)



1st Place: Scott – 3; Mike – 3

2nd Place: — 

3rd Place: Jared – 2

4th Place: Pete – 1.5

5th Place: Erik – 1

6th Place: Craig – .5


Preliminaries Results:

Game 1: Erik & Eldar Warhost host Jared & Space Wolf Deathpacks

  • Erik wins 12 – 4
  • Erik earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 2: Mike & Tau host Pete & Ultramarines Formation Detachment

  • Mike wins 2 – 0
  • Mike earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 3: Scott & Chaos Space Marines host Erik & Eldar Craftworlds

  • Scott wins 5 – 2
  • Scott earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 4: Jared & Space Wolves host Mike & Tau

  • Jared wins 4 – 2
  • Jared earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 5: Pete & Ultramarines host Scott & Chaos Space Marines

  • Scott wins 9 – 8
  • Scott earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 6: Erik & Eldar Craftworlds host Mike & Tau

  • Mike wins 18 – 0
  • Mike earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 7: Jared & Space Wolves host Pete & Ultramarines

  • Jared wins 11 – 3
  • Jared earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 8: Scott & Chaos Space Marines host Jared & Space Wolves

  • Scott wins 8 – 7
  • Scott wins 1 Tournament Point

Game 9: Erik & Eldar Craftworlds host Pete & Ultramarines

  • Pete wins 8 – 7
  • Pete wins 1 Tournament Point

Game 10: Mike & Tau host Scott & Chaos Space Marines

  • Mike wins 13 – 4
  • Mike earns 1 Tournament Point

Game 11: Craig & Astra Militarum host Erik & Eldar Craftworlds

Game 12: Jared & Space Wolves host Craig & Astra Militarum

Game 13: Mike & Tau Empire host Craig & Astra Militarum

Game 14: Craig & Astra Militarum host Pete & Ultramarines

  • Pete & Craig draw
  • Pete & Craig both earn .5 Tournament Point

Game 15: Scott & Chaos Space Marines host Craig & Astra Militarum

Mid-Season: Purge the Alien


Tournament Points increase from .5 to 1 and from 1 to 3…


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