GOWL 2017 Preliminaries Game One: The Battle Analysis – Points Breakdown and First Inning

Alright, so finally we’re going to look at what went down during the actual battle. We have been playing for the most part at Mike’s pad; he has a great 6′ x 4′ cityscape table that offers plenty of cover and slightly favours any Skimmer or Jet Pack units, but ultimately the host of each game gets to pick the venue, and if they so choose can elect to play somewhere else. I don’t have the software needed to digitally create a map, or unit tokens for that matter and so will have to keep this report relatively simple. Video reports are totally on the way however, as at the time of writing, we are gearing up for Game 4 and we have video recording devices finally set up.

Eldar Craftworlds Warhost Vs. Space Wolves Deathpacks

I’m going to bring in both of the point spreads here so that we can determine unit effectiveness. As a note: I’ve lumped the cost of Transports into the units that have taken them.

Eldar Point Spread:

145 for Farseer = 9%

533 for Guardian Defenders = 35%

30 for Support Battery = 2%

150 for Vypers = 10%

60 for War Walkers = 4%

246 for Dark Reapers = 16%

228 for Dire Avengers = 15%

105 for Warp Spiders = 7%

1,497 Total (99.8% of allowed points taken)


Space Wolves Point Spread:

477 for Wolf Lords = 31%

498 for Grey Hunters = 33%

525 for Thunderwolf Cavalry = 35%

1,500 Total (100%)

Looking at these point spreads after having looked at all of the units it question, the amount of fire power facing the Space Wolves is scary. It is good that Jared has bulked up mainly with his Thunderwolf Cavalry. Maxing out his Wolf Lords – while crazily expensive – may have been beneficial here as he has now made 66% of his army much more survivable against the shooting power that he faces in Erik’s Warhost, with the sheer number of Storm Shields that have been included in his list.

Top of the First: Space Wolves

In a bid to take early and decisive control of Ojective 2, the Space Wolves attempt to land Grey Hunters Alpha Squad, embarked in a Drop Pod on the objective. The objective lies just in front of the enemy lines, to the middle-left hemisphere of their army line. Holding this objective would severely hamper any Eldar advance in this area, forcing the Warhost forces to circle around the objective and clump together, making a solid target for the Thunderwolf Cavalry, who have decided to utilize their cover while the Eldar hopefully advance to within charging range.

The kink in the plan shows itself early, as the Drop Pod scatters towards the middle of the Eldar line, and away from Objective 2. The Grey Hunters manage to position themselves on their objective, though they remain perilously out of cover. With only two Wave Serpents within targeting range of any Space Wolves guns, the ammunition of the Drop Pod‘s Storm Bolter and the Grey Hunters’ firearms fail to penetrate the armour and holo-fields encasing the creamy Aeldari cores.

Bottom of the First: Eldar Craftworlds

The Eldar Warhost, looking to take advantage of the open board, advance within range of the lone Space Wolves squad and Drop Pod. The Farseer places himself within range of key units to utilize Ambush of Blades. If the Warhost can grasp this opportunity to eliminate the currently unsupported bastion of Space Wolves defense on Objective 2, there will be nothing from keeping the Warhost from achieving some solid board control by the end of the first turn.

With few of the enemy in sight or range of their psykers, the Eldar Warhost was able to concentrate on upgrading its units during the first psychic phase. The Farseer and Warlock Leaders bestow Wave Serpent AiyaGuardian Defenders Squad Ciqi, and the Vyper Squadron with the Guide blessing, granting re-rolls on To Hit while shooting. The Dark Reapers of the Aspect Host were blessed with Fortune, granting them re-rolls on any failed saving throws until their next turn.

During the shooting phase, the Warhost capitalized on it’s superior positioning. The combined fire of the Farseer and Guardian Defenders Squad Boli and Wave Serpent Aiya managed to eliminate two soldiers of the Thunderwolf Cavalry’s Alpha Squad who were caught stranded out of cover; Guardian Defenders Squad Ciqi and the Warp Spiders together wiped the Space Wolves’ Grey Hunters Alpha Squad off of the battlefield; finally, in an attempt to eliminate the annoying Drop Pod in their midst, Wave Serpent Boli and the War Walker delivered two solid glancing hits to it to finish off the round.

First Inning Summary: Real Ouchie, Bro!

Most importantly here, with the demise of Grey Hunters Squad Alpha, Farseer Erik has secured himself a Victory Point for scoring First Blood.

Wolf Lord Jared has lost [451] points this round. 299 were allocated to Grey Hunters Alpha, while roughly 150 were allocated to the two killed Cavalry. Farseer Erik, in the first inning, has eliminated 30% of Wolf Lord Jared’s forces.

GD Boli earned themselves 75 kill points for their assist on the TWC unit kills. Wave Serpent Aiya, with another assist, also scored 75 kill points.

The death of the GH unit earned both GD Ciqi and the Warp Spiders each 149 kill points for their respective assists.

The War Walker and Wave Serpent Boli both earn themselves 11 kill points each for their work on the Drop Pod.

At this point, I’m giving the Inning Spotlight to the Warp Spiders and the third unit of Guardian Defenders (Ciqi), both of who earned more than their worth in kill points this turn.


Next Up:

Stay tuned for the last innings of the game, coming up in the next few days.






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