Mid-March Progress Report

Hello everyone, I haven’t been posting lately as I’m in the middle of a long and convoluted move that will be ongoing for the next three months. Bear with me.

As I don’t want to leave you hanging, I’ll snap out a quick progress report on where I am in my hobby life.

First and foremost I’d like to declare that I’m driving for Uber now. I have said goodbye to the kitchens and started on a new path. Joining the team as an Uber driver was a bit of a process and I’ve so far only worked two 6 hour shifts during the dead of night and I’m clocking out at 21 dollars (CDN) per hour so far. I’ll keep you posted on how this goes…

In the literature department, I’ve been pretty busy. I finished the Ultramarines novella that was composed of a number of short stories and felt underwhelmed. The standout was actually a piece by Gav Thorpe that chronicles the heroic deeds of Chaplain Cassius on an agri-world as he repulses a Tyranid army in Chatechism of Hate.

I’m now working on William King’s Skavenslayer, a Gotrek and Felix novel as well as The Red Waaagh! 40K campaign supplement.

Skavenslayer is shaping up to be a 4/5 star book so far. King is doing a great job in endearing me to Gotrek in particular, as the dwarven Slayer’s character development slowly proceeds. We see that he can read quite well, has a spft spot for innocent civilians and a sore spot for nondwarven architecture. The Skaven are written beautifully.

The Red Waaagh! is going to chronicle the initial stages of the war for Alaric Prime. We’ll be seeing action from the Imperial Guard and the Imperial Knights as they attempt to hold off the brutal but kunnin’ Ork Warboss Grukk Face Rippa and his fleet of rust ships.

On the video game front, I’ve finally gone ahead and picked up The Witcher III. I’m really enjoying the game so far, despite its horrendous control scheme. At three hours into the game, I’ve yet to reach level two and I believe that the learning curve has been surmounted. Really cool lore in this universe already, namely the Noonwraith who instead of haunting the twilight hours of nights appears when the sun is at its highest. I thought that was a cool concept.

In Warhammer, Ive finished painting my third full strength Ultramarine Tactical Squad and am moving onto my fourth. Two more Tac Squads and I have enough for the Battle Company goal that I’ve set for myself by the end of this year.

My goals for this coming week:

  1. I want to have finished the Nuln Oil and second Macragge layer step on my Plasma specced Tactical Squad.
  2. I want to have read the next two Daredevil comics and have their reviews posted up here.
  3. I want to have finished Skavenslayer and have digested the first chapter of Red Waaagh!

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