RotR: Burnt Offerings Day One: Festival and Fire

I may come back and fill these notes in, but for now I’m just publishing the battle logs as they happen. I’ll try to explain along the way but I’m under the gun trying to transcribe the fights as they go down so please forgive any errors!

This adventure takes place two weeks after ‘The Angels’ have completed the Black Fang’s Dungeon mini-adventure, and they are flush with loot. They also have a camp following of five friends from their small hometown of Vinny’s Mill, a week’s walk out into Magnimar’s farming lands.

There will definitely be some homebrew rules that I’ll try to explain as I go, but if something is sketchy, I blame it on that.

The Swallowtail Festival

Welcoming Speeches

Festival Fun and Games

Swallowtail Release



Goblins in the Streets!

Initial Assault (CR 1)

Ben and Marawa both see the goblin that just killed the dog and so I’m giving them surprise round on that single goblin.


  • 18.5 Maxwell the Tall
  • 18 Judas the Chubby
  • 10 Marawa the Fit
  • 7 Goblins
  • 4 Ben the Brawny

Round 1 (Surprise):

Marawa and Ben both chuck their thrown weapons at the dog-killer as the goblins charge, and Ben’s Light Hammer bounces off of his target’s huge noggin, leaving a deep gash that enrages the goblin.

Goblin 1 – 1/6 HP

Round 2:

Maxwell casts Firebolt at one of the two flanking goblins but the tiny little thing evades the fire, giggling maniacally.

Judas knocks an arrow and aims at Maxwell’s target, but loses an arrow as it cracks against a stone between his target’s legs.

Marawa rushes forward to stab at the bleeding goblin with both her remaining weapons, but her attacks are both wild and the goblin laughs in her frustration and it’s rage as it leaps at her knees.

The murderous goblin executes it’s leap at Marawa’s knees and latches on to her leg with its legs, its free arm and its giant mouth as the dogslicer in its other hand slashes itself deeply into Marawa’s calf, drawing blood and dealing 4 damage.

Max and Jude’s target continues its giggling sprint right past the duo and jumps onto a food stand table, grabbing chunks of lobster stew and shoving it into his pouch while gulping down a jug of ale and watching the two warily with wide eyes.

The third goblin takes the opportunity to lunge at Judas with his dogslicer, but Judas hops back just in time to avoid the knee-capitating strike !!!!

Marawa is at 5/9 HP. Shouldn’t be charging in like that.

Ben moves forward to support Marawa and cracks his mace across the wounded goblin’s skull, killing it and ripping it off of Marawa in the process.

Round 3:

Maxwell throws a Firebolt at Judas’ attacker this time, but again missing his mark.

Judas hops a bit further back while knocking another arrow and shooting it, but realizes too late that there is a time for swords as another arrow shatters against the cobblestone.

Marawa moves in to support with her stabbing implements, digging deep into the little runt’s upper back, dropping it to the ground.

The hungry goblin stares at Marawa in anger and after swallowing a big gulp, takes a big loud gulp of air, and jumps off of the table and charges her, succeeding in his acrobatics feat just to step on a broken arrowshaft and fall to the ground at her feet. (Rolled a 1)

Ben moves to support once again with his mace, bringing it down on the helpless goblin and crushing one of its shoulders as it came to a stop on the ground.

Round 4:

Maxwell, frustrated in his magical attempts, takes a swing at the prone goblin with his quarterstaff. The whipcrack of the staff sounds at the same time as the snapping of the hungry goblin’s neck where the staff came down. End of combat.

Marawa: 5/9 HP

Goblin Pyros (CR 2)


  • Front: Ben
  • Mid: Judas, Marawa
  • Back: Max


  • 22 Judas the Fighter
  • 20 Goblins
  • 19 Maxwell the Sorcerer
  • 9 Ben the Cleric
  • 7.5 Warchanter
  • 7 Marawa the Rogue

Round One:

Judas manages to punch an arrow clean through the arm of one of the torch wielding goblins, dealing 3 damage and causing the target to scream. This causes the target’s allies to laugh uproariously and continue their push.

Goblin 1: 3/6 HP

The two flanking goblins continue to laugh and poke their torches at the Angels ineffectually.

The injured goblin drops it’s torch and charges Ben with its dogslicer but can’t get past his shield.

Max hucks a Firebolt with his fingers crossed and it pays off, igniting the closest goblin in a ball of sticky flames that have the goblin making terrible screams as it crackles and burns to cinders (10 dmg). This causes the last torch bearer to drop the torch and draw his dogslicer. It’s on.

Ben brings his mace to bear down on the injured goblin, crushing its chest cavity with a mighty swing (critical 9 dmg) and the dead creature sags off of Ben’s mace and onto the ground.

The warchanter pulls two biscuits out of her pack and turns around, pulling her bra down and shoving some frilly feathers in her headband before turning back around and making an outrageous face and cawing at Ben. (Hideous Laughter) Ben is however not amused.

Marawa takes the time to slide her rapier carefully down into the last standing goblin pyro’s torso, entering from in front of the neck and exiting out his lower back. (10 dmg sneak). She then skips towards the warchanter with a feral gleam in her eye.

Round Two:

Judas takes aim and lets fly once more, this time his arrow lodging into the gut of the warchanter (7 dmg), dropping her to her knees half nude.

Maxwell tries the same technique again with the crossed fingers and this time a molten hot ball of fire burns itself right through half of the now dead target’s torso.

End of combat.

The warchanter had a Potion of Healing (2d4+1) and it was given to Marawa.

Also 20 gold.

Also 20 arrows which Judas has taken.

Father Zantus cast Cure Wounds on Marawa (5 HP).

Marawa 9/9

Die, Dog, Die! (CR 3)

Marching Order:

  • Front: Ben
  • Mid: Judas, Marawa
  • Back : Maxwell


  • 21 Maxwell the human
  • 18 Marawa the human
  • 16 Goblins
  • 13 Ben the human
  • Goblin Commando
  • 5 Judas the human
  • 4 Goblin Dog

Round One (Surprise)

Maxwell targets a goblin with Firebolt, crisping another one. 6 damage.

Marawa throws a dagger at another one, sinking her shot to the hilt and dropping a second enemy. 9 dmg

Ben shouts a war cry and advances on the remaining goblin with his mace but catching only air.

Judas fails to find his mark.

Round Two

Maxwell attempts to crisp the last goblin but only singes it for 2 damage.

Marawa finishes the last goblin with a rapier thrust (10 sneak damage) and continues her dance to the goblin dog, sinking her dagger into the hind leg of the disgusting beast for 4 damage and exposing herself to an Allergic Reaction although she saves.

Goblin Dog: 5/9 health

Ben charges the commando mounted on the dog with his renewed charge but again catches air.

The Commando swipes his horsechopper at Marawa, opening up her throat in the process and dropping her to the ground bleeding out.

Judas takes aim at the dog and lets rip an arrow that pierces the heart of the dandery beast (6 damage inspired) it collapses under the commando.

Round Three

Maxwell once again with Firebolt blasts the commando for 8 damage, badly wounding it.

Marawa passes a death save.

Ben steps over Marawa and swings his mace into the commando’s back, killing it dead with 5 inspired damage.

Aldern Foxglove takes a shining to Maxwell.

A Potion of Healing was found (4d4+2). Given to Judas. With another 20 arrows.

Judas arrow count: 52


Ben was able to revive Marawa who is taken to the cathedral in critical condition.

Marawa: 1/9 HP

500 experience for the Angels, bringing them up to 1400/3000 until Level 2.

Each Angel made 5 gold.

First Blood goes to Ben for Inspiration refill.


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