RotR: Burnt Offerings Act II “Local Heroes”

Local Heroes I Notes

Picking up from last session, Marawa was carted to the cathedral in critical condition. Since then, Father Zantus popped another heal on her for 3hp. (1 more free heal from Zantus). She’s going to need a long rest before she can get back into action.

In this act we introduce the Sandpoint Faithful archetype character. She will start with a silver holy symbol of Desna. So long as she is loyal to Desna’s tenets and displays her symbol of Desna openly, she gains an additional 1 HP/heal die rolled every time she is healed. She will head down the cleric path and provide the party with an alternate healer/party member in cases of prolonged injury. Her domain will be Liberation, making her string against enchantments, with spells Remove Fear and Remove Paralysis. Lialda. Not a healy cleric, more for padding the numbers vs. Charms specialized finesse class. Aims to be Spherewalker.

Lialda is introduced as Father Zantus’ loose representative as the Angels head out early in the morning to investigate the Sandpoint Boneyard with Hemlock.

The Desecrated Vault

Judas confirms (17 Guidance) that while most of the tracks are Goblin sized, there are indeed some human-sized tracks as well, supporting the claims of the goblin prisoners.

Judas also manages to determine on Survival skills (17 Guidance) that at least 30 goblins used a ladder to climb the wall and infiltrate the Sandpoint Boneyard. At least one more likely 2-3 human sized suspects accompanied them.

As soon as Ben opens the vault door two skeletons attack.

Marching Order

  • F: Ben
  • M: Lialda, Judas
  • R: Maxwell


  • 17 – Human Skeletons
  • 15 – Lialda
  • 5 – Judas
  • 3.5 – Ben
  • 3 – Maxwell

Round One

  1. The skeletons advance on Ben, failing to get their bony claws past his shield but managing to bottleneck the entrance to the small crypt.
  2. Lialda fails to Sacred Flame.
  3. Judas shoots into the dark, missing his mark and wasting an arrow.
  4. Ben crunches through a whole side of the skeleton on his left’s ribs and crumping into its spine, dropping it.
  5. Maxwell launches a Firebolt that chars the bones of the second skeleton to cinders.

After a search of the vault, Ben took a faintly magical robe (later discovered to be a Robe of Bones) as evidence.

It was also discovered that the remains of Ezakien Tobyn – the previous caretaker of the Sandpoint Chapel, who burnt with a portion of Sandpoint and his church – had been stolen.

The Angels, Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock all muse that this was the real reason for the goblin raid on Sandpoint.

The sheriff has asked that the Angels keep this investigation under wraps.

Lialda stays with the Angels and hangs out daily for the next two nights.

Marawa is at 5/9 HP and still needs 7 days of rest before she is cleared of Zantus’ care.

Most of the entourage from Vinny’s Mill decide they will leave when Marawa is healed.

Three notable friends have decided to stay if the Angels do.

  1. Giacomo who is great friends with Judas and will accept 2GP/day to be a Roadie/Chef. Huge thing for Marawa even though she’s all about Ben.
  2. Rass is a guy who has been pals with Ben since childhood and has agreed to the same deal, except he’s more of a hard labour type. Rass goes where Ben does, it’s always been that way.
  3. Helga is a good numbers management girl who doesn’t exactly have much will to be around except for the fact that she’s hopelessly in love with Rass. Rass actually gives her half his pay to keep her around because he’s too proud to ask Ben to pay her for something.

The Shopkeep’s Daughter is next…


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