RotR:BO Act II ‘Local Heroes’ Part II

Follow Up

Following up from the Desecrated Vault revelations last post, the secret did not keep. Lialda had talked to some friends she had made during her time in Sandpoint before the festival (almost three months) and it is now known that she has been hanging out with the Angels. The story of the main suspect and Tobyn’s remains has created quite a ripple through the teenage crowd of Sandpoint, and slowly concerned parents catch wind as well. This took two days.

Marawa still needs 7 days of rest. Lialda has been scolded, but doesn’t care all that much. The Angels could still benefit from having her and decide not to fire the girl and support her if she keeps her mouth shut.

Part II

The Shopkeep’s Daughter

The combination of Lialda’s good looks, newfound local fame, and heroic stories sent quite a stir through Sandpoint, and the Angels soon catch some questions regarding Lialda’s availability.

Lialda herself has been receiving a good amount of cat calls as she walks through town past the small groups of men and teenage boys she passes. The whole time Lialda stays coy and mysterious.

She’s even received flowers and romantic notes at the Sandpoint Cathedral and the Rusty Dragon, where she’s been spending the last couple nights up late with the Angels, Ameiko and Aldern Foxglove. Marawa, shacked up at the Cathedral is getting jealous of this hot girl running with her crush. I mean, she’s thinking they’re both clerics, she’s got more in common with him than Marawa herself does, she’s in fever and just having an overall shitty time.

At this point, the daughter of Sandpoint’s biggest general store’s owner Shayliss Vinder makes her move. Shayliss is a rocket, but the Angels only really have heard about her older sister Katrine Vinder, who is all over local rumours involving a hugely indecent sex scandal she’s having with a guy in the local timber trade. They say the father of the two sisters – one Ven Vinder – is loudly and publicly raging about the situation.

So when Shayliss came up to Lialda saying her dad’s been too busy raging over Katrine to take care of some huge rats that have taken up residence in the shop’s basement, it seemed totally legit. Compounding it all was the fact that Lialda was more of a local than the rest of the Angels, and that Lialda knew who Shayliss was from previous encounters. Nobody – except for maybe Lialda – was suspicious.

There were no rats in the basement. Shayliss has set up a cot in a back corner and as soon as the two women got down to the basement, Shayliss’ farmer’s bodice comes off and she pulls the stunned Lialda over to the hidden corner.

Lialda went along with it passionately.

Until Shayliss shot straight up (19 Perception), her face a mask of horror as she scrambled for her shift. That was when Lialda heard heavy footsteps stomping on the floor above just near where the basement stairs began…

The two girls manage to mostly clothe themselves before Ven came down (16/14 dexterity), and Lialda was quick to introduce herself as a new friend of Shayliss’ while guiding him away from the cot in the corner where her undergarments still lay hastily shoved under a pillow (17 Persuasion).

Lialda managed to extricate herself amicably from the Vinder store basement, with Ven none the wiser and a plan to meet with Shayliss this weekend at the market square.

Another night passes without further excitement. Nobody knows of Lialda’s affair at this point.

Marawa is at 6/9 HP under Father Zantus’ care and will be out in 6 days.

Nothing more has been discovered concerning the desecrated vault or the main suspects, and the Sandpoint Boneyard is no longer a crime scene. Sheriff Hemlock is forced to give a speech on the investigation, citing the help of the Angels once again, lifting the status of the friends up another notch.

The Angels are now free from their broken promise of silence. Hemlock still sees them as a valuable asset, but does not entirely trust them.

—- Spoiler —-

Lialda and Shayliss both get themselves a Sin Point


Next time, we will be dealing with the Boar Hunt.


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