RotR:BO Act II ‘Local Heroes’ Part III

A day after Lialda’s secret affair with Shayliss, Marawa has healed up to 7/9 HP under Father Zantus’ care and he is finally allowing visitors to see her. She is still on lock down for 5 days.

Marawa is adamant on staying around for a while to spend her hard earned gold with the group she came up with, and most of the out of towners from Vinny’s Mill decide to head back home ASAP. There’s a big goodbye breakfast before they head off, and now there are only ten of the 30 friends staying for an extra week to party.

(OOC: A week in our garage is ten days, btw, with there being 4 weeks in a month. The world we are on is bigger in mass than Earth.)

At this point the names of the Angels are household knowledge in Sandpoint. Alma Avertin has provided the four Originals with 1 week’s worth of rations in travel breads from her bakery this morning. She’s promised to provide a 10 percent discount on rations to the Angels of Sandpoint.

Part III

The Boar Hunt

  • Aldern Foxglove, the noble that the Angels rescued during ‘Die, Goblin, Die’ and who has been enjoying the atmosphere at the Rusty Dragon with the Angels over the last few nights is also leaving by this coming weekend.
  • Now that Marawa can have visitors, Foxglove is true to his word and pays each of the Originals 50 gold pieces.
  • He’s hoping to go on a boar hunt in the nearby Tickwood and extends an invitation to the current party, promising horses for all five members.
  • The party doesn’t turn it down. Marawa is still jealous.
  • Aldern lets the Angels know they are welcome at his Magnimar townhouse any time they are passing through the city.

The Tickwood Forest is eight kilometers away from Sandpoint. It would normally be a half day ride, but the Angels insist on bringing Rass and Helga along. Giacomo chose to stay with Marawa and show support for character development. The trip will end up taking a full day’s hike each way, but at least with the wagon transporting any hunting finds will be much easier.

Turns out the Tickwood is a pretty safe place. No goblins in it and we only ever encountered the local flora and fauna. Didn’t even see one of the giant ticks that gave this place it’s name.

It took us three days to find a Tickwood Boar. We had quite a load of meat already by this time, and with the boar in our grasp, we were ready to throw a huge feast for Marawa on our return.

We had caught:

  • 1 Tickwood Boar
  • 9 Grouse
  • 4 Rabbit
  • 2 Deer
  • 2 Smallmouth Bass

When the boar rushed the four Angels initiative was drawn. Oh dear, it was big.

Marching Order

  • F: Ben
  • M: Judas
  • R: Lialda, Maxwell


  • 22 Judas the Noble Human Man
  • 14 Ben the All-American Human Man
  • 13 Maxwell the Draconian Human Man
  • 11 Tickwood Boar (25 HP)
  • 2 Lialda the Cocky Half-Elf Woman

Round 1

Judas lodges an arrow deep into the charging beast’s shoulder, dealing 8 damage.

Ben winds up and hurls his throwing hammer with his full might behind it, but the projectile roars harmlessly over the boar’s body. He then tenses for the inevitable gore attempt.

Maxwell takes careful aim and lets fly a bolt from his crossbow. The bolt punches right through one of the boar’s rear haunches, eliciting a pained squeal from the beast.

The wounded animal charged hard at Ben, who weathered the gore with his shield, the sound like a thunderclap. Ben rocks back onto his heels but manages to sidestep himself back to balance, avoiding all injury.

Lialda, having held her shot until the boar was closer, unleashed her bolt from 10 feet away, plunging the missile deep into the sinus cavity of the creature, bringing forth horrible sounds.

Tickwood Boar is at 1/25 HP and critically wounded. Who will get the kill?

Round 2

Aiming for the beast’s spine so as to not damage more meat, Judas’ arrow sails high.

Bringing his mace down into the bolt jutting out of the boar’s snout, Ben drives the projectile deep up into the animal’s brain, dropping the beast for good.

End of Combat

Throughout the whole journey, Aldern obsesses over Maxwell. At first it was endearing but as the days went on there were points where it was weird.

After five days, the Angels return and hand the meat over to Ameiko and Giacomo to prepare for tomorrow’s dinner.

We’ll cover that and Marawa’s return next week in ‘Trouble at the Rusty Dragon’.

Out Of Character (OOC): Let me know if you guys prefer the info in bullet points!


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