RotR:BO Act II ‘Local Heroes’ Part IV

Our fourth episode of season two has Marawa fully recovered at 9/9 HP. She’s also now benefitted from a Long Rest. Judas gifted her the Energy Heart before the Boar Hunt and she has attuned herself to it. She has sustained a scar on the nape of her neck.

Lialda is still with the Angels of Sandpoint as a camp follower for the time. Nevertheless, she helped the Angels through some ordeals and deserves the experience for it.

‘The Desecrated Vault’ awarded the Angels with 270 experience as a team.

Lialda carried her weight here, as ‘The Shopkeep’s Daughter’ awarded the team 800 experience for how well the young female couple did with getting out of trouble.

‘The Boar Hunt’ gave the party 600 experience.

That’s a total of 1670 experience points split 4 ways, giving Ben, Judas, Lialda and Maxwell each 415 experience (rounded down).

Experience Levels

  • Benjamin 1815/3000 1st Level
  • Judas 1815/3000 1st
  • Lialda 415/3000 1st
  • Marawa 1400/3000 1st
  • Maxwell 1815/3000 1st

Part IV

‘Trouble at the Rusty Dragon’

Originally the Angels settled down at the White Deer when they arrived in Sandpoint, as it seemed the classiest place in town and they were flush with cash – plus there was a famous Magnimarian actress staying there and that was a huge draw.

Eventually though, having been promised two weeks’ lodging for free by Ameiko after the raid and hanging out with Aldern Foxglove, the Rusty Dragon has been the hangout spot. There’s still over a week left on the free rooms, and the Angels are planning on staying in Sandpoint to take advantage of it until this time runs out before heading back home.

Marawa has finally been released from Father Zantus’ care after taking a horsechopper in the back of the neck in the goblin raid. The last of the remaining friends from the Angels’ hometown of Vinny’s Mill are setting out tomorrow, and so tonight a feast and merrymaking is being had with the spoils from ‘The Boar Hunt’ being cooked and served all night be Ameiko, her elderly halfling helper Bethana and Giacomo.

Merrymaking is had abundantly. Maxwell Judas and Aldern ended up eating hallucinogenic fungi that Aldern had procured after dinner. It would take a while for them to kick in. Lialda had invited Shayliss and the Vinder family. Maxwell made sure the Avertins were there (the bakers). Marawa made time with Ben and this rattled Giacomo, who stayed in the kitchen with Ameiko. Rass and Helga smooched for the first time.

OOC: Giacomo, Helga and Rass are camp followers of the Angels. Explained roughly in a previous post. Combined they cost 4 gold per day outside of towns. Lialda is also a camp follower, camp healer and alternate adventurer. She is a cleric of Desna and costs 5 gold per day outside of towns. Party benefits are not usually carried over to camp followers, so in towns they are expected to pay their own way.

Enter Lonjiku Kaijitsu. Loudly. Angrily. Shouting something in a Japanese-sounding (Minkaian) foreign language that none of the Angels understand.

The crowd all went from boisterous to deadpan silence in a second. The Angels were confused as Lonjiku strode in, scanning the crowd who in turn scanned the tables and their dinners in front of them, avoiding his gaze.

Lialda is able to let the Angels know that Lonjiku is a local crazy nobleman who is locally known for shit like this. He owns the town glassworks and is super rich. Turns out he’s also Ameiko’s dad. Bethana, a halfling employee of the Rusty Dragon and Ameiko’s good friend sneaks under the chairs and stools of the common area to the Angels’ table, and urgently explains to them that he’s looking for Ameiko. She sighs and prepares to address the crazy, distressed foreign man but is held back by Ben, who thinks it’s a better idea for him to address the man.

This is when Judas stands up and addresses him instead, beating Ben to the punch. Judas, being from a noble family himself, feels that he can handle it best. “Can we help you, Mr. Lonjiku?” is what he said.

Lonjiku answered in a fit of arrogance. He started chirping Judas hard about his role in the goblin raid, telling him he’s just endangering the townsfolk more by meddling with the plans of some unknown dangerous outside force. He calls Judas a derelict mercenary who threatens to attract more shithole hillbillies to this town that’s already apparently full of stinking rednecks.

Judas takes the whole outburst head on, rocked back on his heels by the tirade. By the time Lonjiku was finished Judas was wide eyed and slack jawed, his astonished eyes first directed at the angry Tian man, then at the silent but offended crowd and finally to his comrades and Aldern.

Aldern’s eyes were wide too, as he struggled to keep a straight face in a failing attempt. The small snort that escaped Foxglove’s scrunched up face coaxed a giggle out of Maxwell in turn, and it was all Judas could do to look back at the angry Lonjiku and concentrate on him in order to stop himself from laughing in turn.

Oh my gods. Did he just say something? What the fuck is he looking at me like that for? He sure is pissed… The angles his face makes totally make him look like a kitten when he’s mad! It reminds me of little Buckwheat back home! Haha awwwe cuuutie! Who wants a little hunk o’ fat? “Lonjiku? Lonjikucat? Hunk o’ raw fat, Lonjikucat? Haha you little cutie cat man lookin funny when you’re freakin’? Oh, why’d he stop? Wooah, that’s a whole new-” level of mad right there… Oh holy shit, was I just talking..? Oh my gods I was!

The rest of the Angels – aside from Maxwell – were too shocked to do anything but stare at the awkward situation developing in front of them and for his part, Judas had been reduced to a gibbering, laughing idiot, so it was a damn good thing that Ameiko picked that moment to enter the scene and demand to know what was going on with a huge sloppy ladle in her hand the whole time.

Daughter and father start having it out in Minkaian, and it gets pretty heated. Marawa, Helga, Lialda, Shayliss and Giacomo all crowd around Bethana and peer pressure the little halfling woman into translating for them. Basically Lonjiku is telling Ameiko that it is time for them to leave Sandpoint and move back to Magnimar for a time, telling her that her past insults to the Lonjiku family name will be forgiven if she accompanies him back to the city, as it would look better that way politically. Ameiko refused, saying she’s done plenty fine on her own without using any of his precious money, even if she’s somehow dishonoured him for being successful without daddy’s help. Lonjiku gets mad again and actually grabs her by the hair and starts to physically pull her towards the exit by the handful of hair in his hand.

Judas manages to roll a 20 for a moment of clarity to intervene here.

He grabs Lonjiku by the shoulder and stops him. “Listen man, seriously. Let go of her. Right. Now. I will… seriously man, seriously,” Judas manages, tasting the words as they come out of his mouth. Shifting his fingers around on Lonjiku’s shoulder for a better grip, he struggles to continue, “…seriously. Seriously, man… Seriously dude, this suit is just buttery! Holy smokes what’s the count on that, shit… Who does your suits?” (Roll of 3 Intimidation disadvantaged)

It didn’t matter in the end, as Ameiko brained her dad right in the nose with her sloppy ladle, splashing chowder all over the three of them. Lonjiku is just appalled and starts crying. Judas falls to the ground holding his belly laughing something fierce about a ruined suit.

Before he slams the entrance door shut, Lonjiku turned around and screamed “You are as dead to me as your mother!” at Ameiko in English. Ameiko took it stone faced for a moment before rolling up her sleeves and heckling, “I’d better scrub this ladle pretty hard, as Asshole Chowder isn’t on the menu!” Everyone cheered.

Later in the night, after most had calmed down and few were in the common room, Ameiko approached the sobering Judas and thanked him for intervening. She extended the offer of free rooms for the Angels for an additional two weeks, and adds free dinner for the last two weeks to the agreement. She was totally hitting on him but he failed to notice, as something else had caught his eye – Lialda and Shayliss in the hallway shadows.

Looks like the Angels will be extending their vacation in Sandpoint…

Next time we’ll be dealing with ‘Monsters in the Closet’


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