RotR:BO Act II ‘Local Heroes’ Part V

Following up from ‘Trouble at the Rusty Dragon’, each of the Angels had interesting nights, respectively. The newly public couples Helga and Rass and Ben and Marawa shacked up for the first time, which in turn drove Giacomo into a solemn drunken depression; Judas spent the night alone in his bunk and was haunted by nightmares of lustful sirens in the guise of Lialda, Shayliss and Ameiko who threatened to cook him into a chowder if he revealed their secrets and pulled him around by handfuls of his chest hair; Maxwell found himself lying down in the evergreen trees just outside of the town gates, uncomfortably close to Aldern Foxglove, who had at one point planted a small mushroom he had found in some mulch that was stuffed into his bellybutton, going on about creating life from decomposing life which was just a mind blowing concept to him – and Maxwell both, if the sorcerer was being honest; Lialda and Shayliss both eventually found themselves in each other’s arms, warming up in the cot under Ven’s shop.

The rest of the day was spent seeing Aldern on his way back to Magnimar and the last of the Angels’ remaining friends from home on their way back to Vinny’s Mill. Since Ameiko had effectively gifted the Angels an extended vacation on the coast, they saw no reason – or shortage of coin – to decline the offer. When was something like this ever going to happen again in their ‘rural’ lives, right? Lialda was actually negotiated into this deal by Judas last night as well, just before he made his discovery (which has notably been kept a secret).

Giacomo, Helga and Rass again decided to stick around. Judas is taking Giac’s tab, while Ben is effectively taking both Helga and Rass’.

TL;DR: Ben and Marawa and Lialda plus one have all been given a ‘Lust Point‘ behind the scenes. This won’t matter until far in the future, but it is important. I’ll tag every post where this happens with ‘Sin Point‘.

Part V

Monster in the Closet

Just past midnight, screaming is heard outside of the Rusty Dragon. A lady is crying out for help as she staggers towards the crowded tavern, clutching a baby to her chest in one hand and the scruff of a bloody boy’s pajamas collar in the other. The lady is limping badly.

She’s half carried into the common room by the Angels, sobbing out a story of goblins attacking her house down the street. The Angels get the address and rush off. Lialda stays behind and makes space for the wounded boy and lady to lean back in a corner booth. She calms the lady – Amele Barett – and tends to the boy’s wounds. The boy – Aeren Barett – has suffered extremely deep lacerations on his forearm, and Lialda starts to administer some painkiller to the boy with a large, scary-looking needle. The crying boy quickly loses his senses and drifts off as Lialda gives some direction to her friends; Helga and Rass are sent off to find Sheriff Hemlock and inform him of the situation while Shayliss is sent for Father Zantus and two stretcher teams; Bethana and Giacomo start heating some water and fetching clean rags. Finally, as she douses Aeren’s arm liberally in a fizzing, bubbling liquid from a bottle in her healers’ kit, she coaxes a calming Amele into feeding her baby while she elevates her sprained ankle and tells the story of what exactly is happening…

As it turned out, the Barett family was there that night at the Swallowtail Festival. During the raid, Aeren was witness to a couple of goblins cruelly quartering a cat they had captured. He hadn’t really recovered from that mental scarring yet and had been having night terrors ever since that were driving the family pug Petal into a frenzy and sending little baby Verah into tearful fits every night. Aeren kept complaining about a goblin in his closet night after night. Each evening since the raid, his dad – Alergast Barett – would turn on the lantern, open the closet, find nothing and chirp his son for being a wuss and both parents were starting to get rattled. This morning, Alergast warned Aeren that if the boy didn’t man up by tonight, he’d be sleeping in the wood shed out back until he did. Tonight, Alergast and Amele ignored Aeren’s nightly shrieking… until they heard Petal die. Rushing into the room, both parents saw through the shadows a goblin straddling their son Aeren and chewing on his forearm as if it were a leg of turkey. That was when Alergast flew into a true patriarchal rage and leapt at the goblin, leaving Amele to grab Aeren and Verah before dashing out into the streets. She sprained her ankle on the way to Verah’s crib…

The Angels, not finding any of this out until after they got back to the Rusty Dragon, came upon a chillingly silent house when they arrived. In Aeren’s bedroom, they found Alergast’s body. The man was lying face down, and he was partially squeezed into a jagged hole in the wooden flooring in the corner of Aeren’s cluttered closet. Petal lay nearby, a long slender wooden haft had skewered the poor canine.

When Ben hauled at Alergast’s body in an attempt to clear the hole in the floor, the Angels were greeted with the gruesome sight of a man who’s face, neck, and right arm had been gnawed at hungrily by the shrieking, bloody-faced goblin that followed Alergast’s remains out of the hole.

The Gresgurt Fight

Marching Order

  • Ben
  • Judas, Marawa
  • Maxwell


  • 18 – Maxwell the Sorcerer
  • 17 – Ben the Cleric
  • 16 – Marawa the Rogue
  • 7 – Gresgurt the Goblin Commando (12 HP)
  • 5 – Judas the Fighter

Round One

  1. Maxwell, mindful of starting a fire, uses Ray of Frost this time, the freezing cone instantly bruising the goblin’s bloodied face with brutal frostbite. (5 damage)
  2. Ben steps up to meet the mad goblin’s charge, swiping low with his mace defensively and connecting with nothing.
  3. Marawa chucks her old dagger at Gresgurt just before the goblin completes his charge into Ben, dealing another 8 damage and leaving the crazed Gresgurt to thud into and bounce off of Ben’s shield, dead; the old dagger protruding out of his chest a testament to the deadly rogue’s aim and sneak attack damage.

End of Combat

Lialda filled the Angels in on the story when they got back. The remaining Baretts had been brought to the Sandpoint Cathedral, and Sheriff Hemlock closed off their residence as a crime scene. The only plausible explanation was that Gresgurt escaped the chaos of the raid by sneaking into the Barett household while they were out being terrorized and busting through the floor in Aeren’s closet to hide and rest. Starvation and the lack of an angry meddling father was likely what caused the attack.

Ben and Lialda – and Marawa, but not until after Lialda announced it – volunteered to break the news to Amele. They scored points with Hemlock for this. Amele went nuts, and consoling her took the whole night, causing the three to lose sleep and be fatigued after having slept in late the next day. Lialda is particularly pissy all throughout the following evening, because Desnans love their dreams.

Amele has sent for her sister in Magnimar, electing to stay there with her for a while. Her sister is expected to arrive within three weeks, and until then the cathedral has vowed to pay for the terrorized family’s room and board at the White Deer.

We’ll pick up the story on Tuesday as the Angels absorb some ‘Grim News from Mosswood’!


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