RotR:BO Act II ‘Local Heroes’ Part VI

Following up from ‘Monster in the Closet’, the Angels have spent two days at the Rusty Dragon. The gang has put forth their manpower in repairing and scrubbing the blood from the Barett house, as well as pack Amele’s things in preparation for her departure as the family couldn’t stand to be in the house. The funeral for Alergast and Petal is scheduled for tomorrow.

Part VI

Grim News from Mosswood

Of note this morning, Ameiko noticed an old friend of hers walking down the street towards Town Hall looking pretty ragged. A number of her guests saw the elf woman on her way as well and started gossiping quietly with each other.

Ameiko explains that her long time girl friend Shalelu Andosana stops by Sandpoint once or twice every year, never staying longer than a few weeks. She’s got a gang of rangers that patrol the lands of the Lost Coast, hunting goblins and other pesky humanoids whose bounties pay the bills. Shalelu’s gang usually stop by the town to stock up on supplies and report to the town council about how the farmlands are performing, as well as debriefing the authorities on the current status of the local goblinoid/monster threats. They usually bunk up first thing at the Rusty Dragon in the same free rooms they always do, but this time it’s just Shalelu and she looked pretty ragged as she skipped the stop to say hi to Ameiko this morning. Shalelu wasn’t expected to be back until the beginning of winter, as she only just left last at the end of spring.

Gossip in the tavern is gravitating around another supposed goblin attack, in light of Shalelu’s unexpected visit. Within hours it’s the talk of town, and many of Sandpoint’s citizens carry an undertone of worry with them by noon.

After lunch, as the Angels were relaxing at the Rusty Dragon, Sheriff Hemlock stepped through the front door and asked the Angels for their presence at Town Hall… with the rest of the crowded tavern room looking at them, the Angels almost giddily accepted. Lialda accompanied the group but Giacomo, Helga, Rass and Shayliss were not included. Shayliss was noticeably miffed with this.

In a very comfortable second-floor town hall conference room, the Angels were finally formally introduced to Mayor Kendra Deverin, who personally thanked the group profusely for their help in the goblin raid, the boneyard and the Barett incident.

Sheriff Hemlock then introduced Shalelu Andosana to us, as an “unofficial town guardswoman of Sandpoint”, and us to her as “Sandpoint’s newest crop of resident goblinslayers”. We pointed out that we weren’t actually residents before he continued…

Apparently Sandpoint isn’t the only town experiencing goblin problems. All over the Lost Coast goblin activity has spiked drastically and just last week a small farming community west of Sandpoint was burnt to the ground. Shalelu’s band of rangers was able to get to the hamlet and evacuate most of the families, but the farms themselves are ashes. After iterating this to the party, Hemlock handed Shalelu the floor, asking her to fill them in on the situation.


Belor’s told me about your work against the goblins – well done. I’ve dedicated the last several years of my life to keeping them from causing too much trouble around these parts, but they’re tenacious and fecund little runts. Like weeds that bite.

There are five major goblin tribes in the region and traditionally, they’re pretty good at keeping each other in line with intertribal squabbles and the like. Yet, from what I’ve been able to piece together, members of all five tribes were involved in the raid on Sandpoint. A fair number of the Mosswood goblins I beat up last weekend were already pretty roughed up and I heard heard a lot of cursing about the ‘longshanks’ that killed so many of them. Now that I’ve met you, it seems obvious from what descriptions I heard who they were whining about. Seems like you’ve made an impression.

In any event, the fact that the five tribes are working together deeply disturbs me. Goblin tribes don’t get along unless they’ve got something big planned and big plans require big bosses. I’m afraid that someone’s moved in on the goblins and organized them. Judging from the recent raids, what they’re organizing seems like bad news for all of us. What you found in the Boneyard only serves to further convince me of foul play.

This was when Sheriff Hemlock dropped his bomb. He told the party of how he is taking a quarter of the town guard with him on a mission to Magnimar in order to request soldiers for the next few months, until the extent of the goblin threat is known at least. He’ll be gone for a few weeks and he is sending Shalelu and her hunters out on a reconnaissance mission in the local wilds. With Mayor Deverin’s support, Hemlock asks the Angels to maintain a public presence and to act as deputies while he is away to Magnimar. Maxwell had a few reservations but in the end the vote was unanimous to accept the responsibility without pay.

While they were here, Judas inquired about the deed to the Barett house in town, hoping to put an offer on the house if Amele was interested. Mayor Deverin promised to personally handle the matter and will get back to him.

Maxwell argues that if goblins are torching farm communities all along the Lost Coast, it may be fortuitous to head back home and defend it instead. Everyone agreed to hold out for three more weeks before heading home, doing the town this last favour, as it’s only a week after their free rooms expire.

Shalelu came back to the Rusty Dragon for the night and the extended group sat around drinking and exchanging goblin talk. Shalelu knows a lot about them, and told the party of the five tribes in the region and the goblin bosses that have political sway on an intertribal scale.

Shalelu tried to hit on Judas but he was too drunk to notice. As a friendly rival, Ameiko joined in on the teasing to no avail.

Shayliss received an Envy Point.

The Barett funeral is tomorrow, after which both Shalelu and Sheriff Hemlock will depart on their separate missions.

Join the Angels next Tuesday when they learn about ‘The Missing Bartender’! What will Sandpoints newest deputies get up to?


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