The Story Thus Far: Before Sandpoint…

Just to clear things up, as it may seem odd that the Angels showed up in town with so much money, I’m giving a rundown of what exactly went down as the friends from Vinny’s Mill made their way towards Sandpoint in anticipation for the coming festival.

Basically, we ran Black Fang’s Dungeon. It was insanity. The group came out of there relatively untouched with Black Fang’s head as a trophy. We had gained a number of items that drastically increased our effectiveness in combat situations.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the party gained during the trip to Sandpoint, and their expenses up until the day of the Swallowtail Festival.

The Action and the Loot

They killed two drunk and unarmed goblins at first, looting both them and the entry chamber they had been guarding. This yielded 4 gold from the dead goblins, and inside a key and locked chest were found. The chest was claimed, dragged to the wagon – owned by Helga’s wealthy family – and named ‘Albert’ by Ben. Inside of Albert was found a number of impressive loots including Marawa’s current Masterwork dagger, its handle made from red stag antler and it’s sheath from red stag leather. Albert also had inside of it a small ruby, whose value none of the party knew; as well as 20 gold pieces worth of coinage. In our world at this time, the party of four Defenders had earned themselves a week’s pay (6G, 6S, 6C – a quite comfortable week’s income at that) for basically defending themselves, and they were high on adrenaline. Leaving Rass, Helga, Giacomo and two other friends irrelevant to to story at this point (Davin & Bear) with the wagon Horatio. Also named by Ben.

Marawa got first blood in this fight, earning herself a Command Point – these replace Inspiration Points I’m our campaign – and a kill. Judas also scored his first kill.

As the group rushed to surprise a group of goblins deeper in the complex, Marawa bet Ben he couldn’t match her for kills and so started the kill count tradition.

Continuing straight to another combat, the party had surprised the remnants of some splinter of the Birdcruncher tribe of goblins led by self proclaimed King Fatmouth. Fatmouth had hidden another chest in this cavern. This time Ben proclaimed the chest Milton as they dragged it back to the waiting Horatio and group of roadies. Milton was larger and heavier than Albert, and inside him was found some amazing treasures…

First off, all of the dead goblins had 8 gold pieces in change between them. Inside Milton was another 422 gold pieces’ worth of coin. Three pearls were also inside, but none knew how much they were worth.

There were other treasures inside Milton. A magic Wand of Cure Light Wounds was found and eventually attuned to Ben. Once per tenday (week in our world), Ben could use this wand to cure [2d4+his level] hit points. This is huge. A magic Ring of Protection was also inside Milton, and Maxwell eventually attuned himself to it. This gave the lightly armoured sorcerer a [+1 bonus to AC] so long as he was wearing it. Another great find, and the party hadn’t even been scratched.

Once again, Marawa earned herself another CP (Command Point) for First Blood as she took out her second goblin. Judas and Maxwell both earned themselves a goblin kill each, while Ben killed both a goblin and King Fatmouth, earning himself a CP for Slay the Warlord. With a wink towards Marawa, the game was on.

Kill points so far:

  1. Marawa – 2 Goblinoid kills. 2 First Bloods. 2 Command Points.
  2. Ben – 2 Goblinoid kills. King Fatmouth died to his mace. Slay the Warlord. 1 Command Point.
  3. Judas – 2 Goblinoid kills.
  4. Maxwell – 1 Goblinoid kill.

Determined to continue and feeling invincible, after Ben grabbed the bone and feather crown that had fallen off of King Fatmouth’s big head as Asa trophy for Horatio the Wagon to sport, the party continued on. 4 gold pieces were paid to a magical fountain. They then soon fell victim to a fiery trap but came out of the encounter barely the worse for wear and with a giant magical ruby in their possession. It turned out that this was actually an Energy Heart and Judas would later gift it to Marawa while she was healing in Sandpoint. Attuned to the Energy Heart, it will absorb the first [10 fire, acid, lightning or cold] damage that Marawa is subjected to once per tenday. Unreal.

The next battle had Ben Inflict Wounds the silk out of a Giant Spider. This put Ben in the lead for Kill Points.

A goblin victim of the spider had a pouch with 14 gold worth of coinage inside it, as well as a wooden dragon toy that actually looked valuable and a magic Wand of Magic Missile was given to Maxwell for himself to attune. Once per week after that, Maxwell could use the wand to shoot [3 1d4+1] bolts of force at enemies of his choice. Epic loot for such little risk… Ben named the wooden dragon toy Puff and installed it as the caravan mascot.

On they went through the mysterious caverns continuing to feel undefeatable, when they finally encountered a Reefclaw. Marawa took it out to match Ben in Kills and variety, but the reefclaw had caused some damage and the party decided to take an 8 Hour Short Rest to recuperate as soon as they finished looting the cavern.

They found another 175 gold worth of coins along with valuable items for the group. A Potion of Invisibility and a Potion of Levitate went to Marawa after Ben spent two nights identifying them; Judas found and soon attuned himself to a magical Dragonbane Longsword (+1).

After their short rest, they continued towards the deep end of the caves. Three skeletons blocked their way, so Ben, Judas and Marawa earned three more KP with First Blood going to Judas.

Finally they reached Black Fang’s cavern. The black dragon was seriously injured and after a devastating surprise attack by the party, Marawa ended his pain. Marawa scored both a KP and Slay the Warlord here.

The hoard consisted of 600 GP worth of coinage.

A magical Light Steel Shield [+1] was found and given to Ben. It is embossed with a lightning bolt. Ben also claimed a magical Scroll of New Life.

Half-Plate armour was found and claimed by Judas, sacrificing his Stealth capabilities for a much better AC.

A Scroll of Fireball was given to Maxwell.

Lastly, Ben cut the head off of Black Fang and hung it to the post of their wagon as a trophy.

Following Up

Now that you know the state of the party when they arrived in Sandpoint, my next post is going to be a commentary on Act I: Festival and Fire. See you then.


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